Important fairs of Karauli

     Kaila Goddess- Chaitra, Shri Mahaveerji – Vaisakha, Shri Bala ji , Shri Madan Mohan Ji, Anjani mata, Jagdeesh Ji, Gadh Mora, Barwasan Mata, Kadamkhundi,  Ganga Dushera Mela Sagar, Nande Bhumiya Fair, Mahashivratri Pashu Mela, Gandharbh Mela Kailadevi. 

Fairs of Karauli

     The glimpse of Indian culture is visible in the villages of this district. It is said that rural area not only gives it an identity in the form of fairs and festivals, but the real glimpse of the country is also gets reflected in the villages. The land of warriors of Rajasthan State has a separate identity in the country. Fairs are organized in the state at various occasions in various districts, but the Karauli district has a unique identity in all of them.



Kailadevi Chaitramela 

Millions of devotees come not only from Rajasthan state but also from other states to worship at the shrine of Kailadevi Indian famous mass mother every year in the months of March-April. Reverence and devotion recite entire day and night in the shrine of Kailadevi in the fair till one fortnight. When men-women and youths dance without the influence of religion, rich and poor gap on the Languriya songs, then it seems they are totally immerged in the devotion of the Goddess. According to one estimate, 30 to 40 million devotees come to this fair. 


Shri  Mahaveerji  Fair

 After the Kailadevi fair, three days fair of Jain shrine Shri Mahavirji fair has a special identity. The people from the different corners of the country come to worship Lord Mahaveerji of different castes other than that of Jain community. During the fair, chariot festival is the centre of attraction of the Lord Mahaveerji fair. 


Fair of Lord Jagdish 

The fair is organized of Lord Jagdish in the Kaimri village of Nadouti region. The Gurjar community has dominance of the fair and the people of other castes also come to visit the fair.